Yoga, Plyometrics and Play





Try out this 30 min beginners routine from eFit30 on YouTube. Enjoy



Take yourself through the usual warmups

Running Clock: 1.5m Precisions (A.K.A Kangaroo Jumps or broad jumps), Burpees

On the first minute perform 1 precision and one burpee then rest for the remainder of the minute. At the start of the second minute perform 2 precisions and 2 burpees. On the 3rd minute, 3 and 3. Continue doing this until you can no longer perform all the repetitions within the minute.


Free Play:

The point of free play sessions is to explore, move and discover. Think of how children play, with no regard of what people think. Use you imagination. There are no rules here, just feel free to do what ever you want. Balance walk across a log, jump from boulder to boulder, chase and wrestle with your dog or kids, do handstands and cartwheels, climb a tree, jump in some puddles – whatever ever comes to mind and what ever is at hand. Start to see your surroundings as opportunities to move.

As always if you have any questions on todays activity post them on the Tengeri Natural Fitness Facebook page or email us at

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