Urban Movement

Take yourself through the usual warmups


Urban Movement:

Vaulting – basic

Vaulting is used to quickly and efficiently pass over small walls oor objects. It’s an extremely handy skill to have for a variety of reasons. Start off with a nice low wall and build up to more complex or higher obsticles as you gain confidence.

Check out he tutorials on Parkourpedia, specifically the techniques: Passement (Speed Vault), Passement (Dash Vault), Passement(Lazy Vault)


Urban Movement:

Vaulting – Work on the following vaults:

Passement (Speed Vault)

Passement (Dash Vault)

Passement(Lazy Vault)

Demi tour (Turn Vault)

If you are feeling particularly confident then work on:

Saut de Chat (Cat Pass/Kong/Monkey/Panther/Gorilla)


Urban Movement:


As per Intermediate but try and string different techniques together on multiple objects.

As always if you have any questions on todays activity post them on the Tengeri Natural Fitness Facebook page or email us at info@tengeri.com.au

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